National Hospitality Associates has always been dedicated to using up to date technologies to keep our client companies and candidates informed and in touch based on their individual wishes.

Keeping up with technology is sometimes difficult and always very expensive---especially if it does not work effectively.
We have been solicited about various programs available now to search out resumes on the Internet no matter where they reside. This means if you are logged onto the net looking for a recipe one of these spiders could find and copy the resume on your hard drive without you ever knowing it. The privacy issues are just beginning. Many corporations are using these "Survey Companies" to acquire potential candidates, but these companies do not discriminate from where they get the "Resumes". It is easiest to pull them from some of the Internet resume sites, or run blind advertising. The concern is; it is easier now for your resume to end up in your employer's hands than any other time.

We have recently decided to take major steps to protect the resumes entrusted to us by our candidates. Our resume database has been removed from any network attached to the web, while resumes and messages can still be sent electronically they are downloaded and stored on a unique system. The resumes are not electronically active unless in transmission. In order to protect the information during transmission we have the most up to date anti-virus software running in background twenty-four hours per day, the receiving network is firewalled and encrypted to prevent unauthorized entry. The only authorized access given is to our NHA Employees and principles NEVER a Client or Candidate. Our software and networks are swept hourly, inactive resumes are stored on disk and retrieved when requested by a candidate, and active resumes are stored on the system described above. In this manner we protect our interests as well as those of our candidates, current, active, and inactive alike.

We would also like to clearly state our policy prohibiting cold calling or enticing candidates from any company to leave their current position. If someone wishes to make a job change they must take the first step in contacting us. If the individual were in a position with an active client of ours, we would prefer they try to resolve any issues rather than leave but will NEVER divulge their wishes to their current employer. If our business agreement with their employer prevents us from assisting them we will state that. However we do not currently have any such contract and would resist such a requirement.

 We are very concerned that technology now exists for companies to acquire resumes placed on the web by current employees and are taking disciplinary action when found. We are still in what could be referred to as The Wild Wild West stage of the Internet services. Please rest assured that we are doing and will continue to do everything possible to protect the information entrusted to our use to assist in job changes and management selection for our clients. It has always been challenging to serve two masters equitably, the playing field is changing, but we are still able to keep it level.


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