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The service we provide Clients is an affordable and accountable way to expand recruiting impact and ability. We provide access to extremely well qualified candidates at all levels of management, multi unit, culinary, restaurant sales corporate and administration. These are candidates with proven track records and excellent references from within the restaurant/hospitality industry.

We interview and research all candidates prior to representation; we maintain communication, provide information and research material to the candidates regarding the company prior to an interview.

We are able to obtain information regarding individuals through our vast network of industry contacts. These contacts may be current clients, candidates, or past co-workers. We are often able to obtain useful information where other methods cannot. We have spent years building these relationships on trust and credibility.

We observe confidentiality at all times.

Our work is guaranteed by our replacement warranty. If a candidate hired through our efforts is deemed unsuitable for whatever reason we must redouble our efforts and provide our services until a successful
conclusion, at no further cost, is realized. No other recruiting method can offer this savings and protection of time, effort, and money.

Yes, there is a fee for our services. This fee pays for our time, expertise, and expenditures in acquiring and tracking the best and the brightest management professional in the marketplace today. If you think
about it, this fee also pays for the candidates you do not spend time, effort, and money interviewing. In the long run we save clients money by completing the mundane time consuming aspects of the recruiting
process. By the time our client interviews a candidate the biggest question will be how well does this candidate fit our culture and which position and location do I want to hire him/her for.

In today's competitive staffing market we can be a very effective and productive partner and ally if given the opportunity.

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