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The service we provide candidates is extremely positive. We can provide almost instant access to the leading companies and their decision-makers regardless of which segment of the industry they specialize in.

**Confidentiality-Many companies run blind ads. You never know who you may be sending your resume to. We operate under the strictest levels of confidentiality. Your job will never be put in jeopardy using our services!

We are able to provide a wide variety of interviews for qualified candidates with many different companies, some of which the candidate may not be familiar with.

 In our unique position in the restaurant industry it is expected of us to keep up with the newest trends happening. Restaurant managers, chefs and people in corporate and multi-unit level and sales positions do not usually have the time required to do this themselves while working long shifts. It is our commitment to our candidates to keep them informed and up to date on changes and direction of the industry In general. In order to complete this task we subscribe to several news and financial services to get daily updates on industry and company activities. We also maintain
relationships with restaurant analysts on Wall Street in order to keep up with that increasingly important aspect of operations.

We prefer to look at a persons background and accomplishments as well as their future goals, work from the adage "Good companies are always looking for good people" rather than work with a limited number of clients and try to persuade a candidate to interview with only those clients. In this manner we grow our business by placing candidates in situations where they become the hiring authority or decision-maker faster. This is more positive for all involved than placing the person several times in a few short years.

Remember, all of our fees are paid by the client companies there is never a charge to an individual.

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